Meftahul Amin
Meftahul Amin
Digital Marketer Product Designer
Meftahul Amin

Hey I'm Meftahul Amin

I'm working as Freelance Digital Marketer Product Designer

I work with startups, tech businesses and skilled teams all over the world. If you're looking for a beautiful product design, come say hello.

About Me

Meftahul Amin

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi I'm Meftahul Amin, Freelance White Hat SEO Expert & Technical SEO Expert with experienced Product Designer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have freelance experience, over the past 12 years I have worked for people and have built up a good understanding with clients and fully enjoyed doing so, there is nothing better than having a successful relationship with a client. It is always a challenge to maintain good working relationships, especially with people you don't see in your day to day life, it brings new challenges working from home, but it is really rewarding at the same time.

Expert Freelancer specializing in Local SEO, Google My Business (GMB), Google Map Pack Ranking & Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Content Marketing.

  • 12+ Years Job


  • 290+ Projects


  • 250+ Meetings



What Actually I Can Help You For Medium & Small Size Business

I work with you every week for hours to help you build the marketing department you always wanted. I do it by executing strategic marketing that attract, educate, and then convert your target customers.

UI & UX Design Services

User research, qualitative analysis, web accessibility, creating/improving user experiences, logical design decisions, visual design, interaction design, psychology, reducing cognitive load for users, and user engagement

Social Media Post Design

Customer engaging own branded social media post design for your better online presence and personal branding.

Complete Digital Marketing

My main focuses on growing your business successfully with online marketing services. Not just digital marketing strategy. Execution as well.

Custom Website Building

Make your web design more than beautiful—make it effective by focusing on website ROI.

Online Reputation Management

I make sure your business to earn trust from day one. Your reputation is worth it. Satisfaction Guarantee.

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is a process during which you check the technical aspects of your website's SEO. It basically checks the health of a website and finds out what…

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and and other content that drives audience engagement.

White Hat SEO Service

White hat SEO services will optimize your pages for Google that ranks you higher and keeps you safe in the long run.

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Professional History

My Professional Resume

My Professional Work History

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  • Beximco Group

    Mar 2011 - Current

    Beximco Group

    Lead UX

    UX Design
    - Built the information architect and UX design User scenarios.
    - Assists with planning site design by clarifying goals and designing the proper functionality.
    - Storyboards, mockups, prototypes, accessibility.
    - Wireframes, user interface design for websites and responsive devices, visual design and design patterns
    - Low and high fidelity mockups on paper, with Photoshop. Specialty in working directly with developers and testers to make sure what is designed happen in code.
    - Illustrating brand and usage guidelines. Optimizing images, formatting text, sourcing stock photography, creating icon graphics to fit overall project branding & visual language of products.
    - Develops site navigation by categorizing content, and funneling traffic through content for ease of use (usability).

    Brand Visualization
    - Promotional Content Design and Develop as per company branding
    - Desktop Publishing
    - Social Media Manager.
    - Digital Marketing application tools operate and data analysis.
    - Assists with training clients on how to use the system.
    - Providing quality assurance on all creative deliverables.

  • Upwork

    Jun 2010 - Current


    Local SEO Specialist| Technical SEO Specialist

    Specializing in Local SEO, Google My Business (GMB), Google Map Pack Ranking & Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Content Marketing.

  • vDörr Inc.

    Jan 2015 - Current

    vDörr Inc.

    Digital Marketing Stratigist

    - Strategy Planning and Execution for the company - Brand Design & Development - Brand Reputation Management - UX Design Consultancy - Business Automation

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Digital Marketing




UX Design


Keyword Research


Technical SEO Audit


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My Professional Tools

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe XD


Google Analytics


Google Webmaster




My Professional Certification History

Mobile User Experience (UX) Design
Interaction Design Foundation
Psychology of E-Commerce: How to Sell Online
Interaction Design Foundation



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